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bBoothGO helps you share the soundtrack of your life. Create. Engage. Share.


The Application is being developed for a competition between potential Signing sensation.
The Application compromises of a Web App, iPhone App and Android App. The App allows users to create their own karaoke Clips (Audio or Video) by selecting available Soundtracks which are Free or Paid. Once user selects a soundtrack, a create Clip screen comes up, where the Soundtrack is played in the Background and the user can sing along. The Merging process of the Soundtrack and Voice takes place instantneously in the Back-end and the final clip is created once the User stops recording.
The User can then Post this Clip to their profiles (the Clip can be private or Public view) . They can also share the Clip on Facebook or Twitter. A user profile is created when the User Signs up or through Facebook. Other Users can Follow each other and get notified by Push Notifications if the user they follow uploads any new clip. Users can also comment on the clips and Rate and like them.
The User can also submit the Clip for various Contest taking place. They go through the Elimination Rounds and climb up for the Final Contest. The Clips can be submitted by paying through the Payment Gateway integrated in the Web App and Mobile Apps.


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